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X2E Group to be based in Rohrbach

Starting in August 2019, the X2E Group will gradually move its development and production site, along with 100 high-tech jobs and training positions, from Kandel to Rohrbach.

Strong growth has made relocation necessary

In August, the X2E Group will move into its new location in Rohrbach. The group of companies from the southern Palatinate has grown strongly in recent years. The current premises in Winden and Kandel are bursting at the seams. The move to Rohrbach will now create new space for a total of 100 high-tech workplaces and apprenticeships.

X2E GmbH develops and produces data loggers for the automotive industry, which are also used specifically for the development of autonomous vehicles. With its sister company X2E System Engineering GmbH, X2E develops and installs access control systems as well as photovoltaic systems and power storage systems, charging systems for electric cars and a specially developed power management system. In the future, electric drive and control systems for autonomous flight will also be developed and produced under X2E Aerospace Technologies GmbH from the Rohrbach site.

X2E production center goes into operation in August

The new production center will be located in the former premises of the Efco Hobby Depot in Große Ahlmühle. The existing space of approx. 3800 m² and the associated industrial hall of approx. 1800 m² will be taken over on June 1 of this year and converted accordingly in the following months. The X2E Group is investing around 2 million euros in the building and its conversion. According to current plans, the first machines and employees are to move to Rohrbach as early as August 2019.

“We are delighted to have found a location in Rohrbach that can keep up with the requirements of fast-growing high-tech companies. Our special thanks go to the local mayor Peter Feser as well as the administrator at the municipal administration of Herxheim Mr. Dieter Müller, who actively supported us from the very beginning in our search for a location. It was always noticeable that above all there was also the firm political will to welcome the X2E Group and its 100 employees in Rohrbach”, says Dr. Karlheinz Weiss, Managing Director and owner of the X2E Group.

Development of further areas is planned

The X2E Group would like to express its sincere thanks to the community of Rohrbach and the administration in Herxheim and looks forward to further trustful cooperation in the planning of a new development center. This is to be built in a second step from 2020 on additional areas and will house specially optimized high-tech workstations for the development of complex software algorithms and artificial intelligence.


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