With over a decade’s experience in developing, manufacturing, assembling and testing, we are able to provide a full range of Electronic Manufacturing Services. From hardware, FPGA and software development to THT and SMD assembly, reworking, individual housing production, cable assembly and the development of final production tests.


We are the ideal partner when it comes to the development and production of individual prototypes and small batches. We can develop your device from the sketch to the final product – all in perfect accordance with your ideas, cost-effective and with quality „Made in Germany“.


  • Software
  • Hardware
  • FPGA


  • Procurement of Materials
  • THT & SMD Assembly
  • Soldering and Reworking


  • CNC Milling
  • Laser Engravings
  • Cable Production
  • Final Assembly


  • Boundary-Scan
  • Softwaretesting
  • Functional & Final Testing



  • Development of individual, embedded software solutions
  • Years of experience with Linux, Windows Embedded, QNX and ECOS
  • Complex GUI development
    (Software, web-based, apps for iOS / Android)
  • Various assembler languages, C, C++, Java, .NET-based languages ​​like C#


  • Development and optimization of layout and circuit diagrams
    (CAD systems: Altium and Pads)
  • Support from the first step
  • Optimization of the complete production process


  • Particular expertise in FPGA configuration
  • IPCore development



  • Procurement & logistics
  • Access to the X2E Component Management System
  • For in-house & out-of-house production

THT & SMD Assembly

  • Prototypes and prefabrication samples
  • Small to medium series productions
  • Assembly of components up to the size of 0402 (0201 after consultation)
  • QFP chips up to 0.5 mm pitc

Soldering & Reworking

  • Steam phase soldering, selective soldering & hand soldering
  • RoHS compliant solder
  • Rework BGAs, CPUs and RAMs

Housing Customization

  • Processing of standard housings
  • CNC milling
  • Laser processing

Cable Production

  • Cables and cable harnesses sets of all kinds
  • Creation and execution of final electrical tests

Final Assembly

  • Assembly of printed circuit boards, modules, control elements, wiring harnesses, plastic or metal components



  • Boundary scan test system from Göpel
  • Development incl. test adapter
  • Execution

EMC – Pre Compliance Test

  • EMC testing chamber (152 x 52 x 52 cm):
    EN 55011: 30 MHz – 1 GHz
    EN 55022: 30MHz – 3GHz
    EN 55032: 30MHz – 3GHz
  • EMC laboratory:
    N 61000-4-6: 150kHz – 80MHz
    EN 55011; EN55022; EN55032 150kHz – 30MHz
    ESD EN 61000-4-2 up to 15kV
    Surge EN 61000-4-5 up to 4kV
    Burst EN 61000-4-4 up to 4kV


  • Meter rental on an hourly basis
  • LeCroy oscilloscope (4 channels, 20GHz bandwidth, 40GS/s sample rate at 4 channels, QPHY)


If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us.
Our contact person for Electronic Manufacturing Services will be pleased to help you!

  • Matthias Müller
    Technical Sales
  • Phone
    +49 6349 995 99 211
  • Fax
    +49 6349 995 99 109