XORAYA Probe B12

The XORAYA Probe B12 is a compact probe designed specifically for recording automotive Ethernet signals.

Note: This product is under development

Please be advised that changes may occur during the development process which may affect the final appearance and technical characteristics of this product. Therefore, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information provided for this product.

Product Description

The XORAYA Probe B12 is a compact probe specially designed for recording automotive Ethernet. It extends the existing interfaces of XORAYA data loggers and enables the use of measuring devices in close proximity to the source. The data is transferred to a data logger such as the XORAYA N4000 via GbE or 10 GbE interfaces, synchronized and stored internally or externally. The transmission speed is up to 8 Gbit/s.

Product Highlights

Technical Data

For a comprehensive list of technical data, please refer to the tab of the same name.

Data Rate Storage Capacity Timestamp Temperature Range Dimensions
Up to 8 Gbit/s (streaming) None 100 ns -40 to +65 °C 224 x 120 x 42 mm
Data Rate Up to 8 Gbit/s (streaming)
Data storage None
Timestamp 100 ns
Temperatures -40 to +65 °C
Dimensions 224 x 120 x 42 mm


Unlike other devices in the XORAYA series, the XORAYA Probe B12 has a fixed interface configuration.

Logging interfaces 12x 100/1000BASE-T1
Streaming interfaces Gbit Ethernet, 10-Gbit-Ethernet

Errors and omissions excepted.

Product Features

All technical data of the XORAYA Probe B12 at a glance:


Processor Xilinx Dual ARM Cortex-A53
Data Rate Up to 8 Gbit/s (streaming)
Data Storage None
Recording Modes Data logger / data sink
Time Stamp 100 ns
External Operating Voltage Tbd
Current Consumption Tbd
Temperature Range -40 to +65 °C
Dimensions 100 x 50 x 200 mm
Weight Tbd
Case Anodized Aluminum
Other Active Cooling, Real-time Clock, Powercap Unit


Operating System Embedded Linux
Software Protocols CCP/XCP, PLP, XLP
Wake Up Tbd
Software XORAYA Suite
Other Automatic Sleep Mode


Data logging interfaces 12x 100/1000BASE-T1
Streaming interfaces 1x Gbit Ethernet, 1x 10-Gbit-Ethernet
Custom Configurations
Number of configurable Slots None
Other Interfaces
Non-Logging-Interfaces 1x 12V/Trigger/Wake, 1x USB OTG, 1x LAN Host, 1x Service

Errors and omissions excepted.


Language: English

Stand: November 2023

User Manual

Language: English

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Language: English

Access to the X2E Wiki required

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