Data Logger XORAYA N8000

The XORAYA N8000 acts as the central hub of a distributed data logger system that interconnects various data loggers and probes in the vehicle.


The XORAYA N8000 is the central hub to connect all data logging devices within the car. Compact and specialized probes, like the cascadable XORAYA μT-Z7, can then be placed close to the source and transfer the data via 1GbE/10GbE to the N8000. A removable PCIe storage unit consisting of NVMe SSDs is used to save up to 64 TB of log data. Alternatively, data can directly be downloaded to an external computer system via Ethernet.

In addition to host functionality for other devices, the N8000 is also capable of capturing Ethernet data itself. Another feature is mirroring traffic from one port to another. A built-in supercap unit bridges voltage fluctuations and safely shuts down the N8000 in the event of power failures.

The N8000’s slot system allows flexible configuration of Ethernet interfaces according to customer requirements. The XORAYA data logger family currently supports the following automotive bus systems:

  • HS-CAN
  • CAN-FD
  • FlexRay
  • RS-232
  • LIN
  • MOST25
  • MOST150
  • Ethernet
  • 100/1000Base-T1 (OABR)
  • PSI5
  • Analog

Support of further bus systems is possible. The software protocols GNLog and DLT can also be recorded via Ethernet, 100/1000Base-T1 and RS-232.

*All XORAYA devices are able to communicate through X2E’s Distributed Logger Network (DLN) protocol. In future, the more general Probe Logger Protocol (PLP) will also allow linking with third party devices.

Customer Specific

The modular design of the XORAYA N8000 allows numerous customizations. For example, the device can be assembled or retrofitted according to customer requirements. As a result, the datalogger can be quickly and efficiently adapted to changing conditions and can develop continuously with your projects.

  • Interfaces

The number and types of the individual network interfaces can be customized to different requirements.

  • Performance

Upon request, an adaptation or further development of the N8000 regarding the recording data rate and performance can be checked.

  • Software

Software adjustments are possible on customer request as well. For example, additional export formats can be implemented as needed.

  • Installation

From the customer-specific cable set to the corresponding installation racks to the complete installation in test vehicles, various customer-specific solutions are offered.



The following interface configurations are currently supported out-of-the-box:

Configuration 1 16x 1000Base-T
12x 100Base-T1
4x SFP+
2x USB 3.0
Configuration 2 16x 1000Base-T
6x SFP+
2x USB 3.0
Technical Specifications

All technical specifications of the XORAYA N8000 at a glance:

Dimensions (H x W x D) 188.8 x 460.7 x 304.4 mm (without mounting kit)
188.8 x 493.5 x 304.4 mm
(with mounting kit)
Protocol DLN (Distributed Logger Network)
PLP (Probe Logger Protocol) for probes of third party providers
Prozessor Intel Xeon D-1539
Storage Removable Storage Unit
(NVMe-SSDs) with up to 64 TB
Operating System Linux
Data Rate 8,000 Mbit/s
Download Rate tbd
Central Timestamp 100 ns
Supercap Unit Yes
Battery-Buffered Real-Time Clock Yes
Temperature Range -40 to +65 °C
External Operating Voltage 6 to 36 V
Current Consumption
(Standard Mode)
max. 16.6 A (at 12 V)
Current Consumption (Atandby) max. 1 mA (at 12 V)
Automatic Sleep Mode Yes
Wake Up Via Wakeline
Recording Mode On Removable Storage Unit
PC via Ethernet
Delivery Content

The following accessories are included:

Product XORAYA N8000
Cable Power Cable
Software Webinterface
Other Manual

We recommend the following accessories:




Microprobe µT-Z7

In addition, we recommend the following training:

User Training
XORAYA Data Loggers



Version: 1.3_EN


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