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We are an innovative, owner-managed company located in southern Germany. With our data loggers, we are one of the leading manufacturers in the automotive sector and can count well-known brands and suppliers among our customers.

"At X2E, we are proud of our innovative strength, flexibility and customer proximity, as well as our business policy, which is based on sustainable management, growth and independence. We stand by our customers, partners and employees as a trustworthy partner. We are also passionate about sustainable environmental and social development."

X2E GmbH
About us

X2E GmbH is an innovative technology company based in the southern Germany. We are specialized in the development and production of high-performance data loggers for the automotive industry. With our equipment, we are one of the leading manufacturers in this field and can count well-known automobile producers and suppliers among our customers. With an in-house production facility, X2E also offers a broad range of Electronic Manufacturing Services. Our services in the area encompass the development, assembly and final testing of a product.

X2E Headquarter
Große Ahlmühle 19 - 76865 Rohrbach

X2E Embedded Software Labs
Kriegsstraße 77 - 76133 Karlsruhe

X2E Technology Center
Ludwig-Witthöft-Straße 14 - 15745 Wildau

X2E GmbH was registered in the commercial register on 15.02.2005 by Dr. Karlheinz Weiss.

The X2E Group has 150 employees across all companies (X2E GmbH approx. 100)

The business is managed by Dr. Karlheinz Weiss (CEO) as well as Andreas Ehrle and Hannes Kälber (authorized signatories).

LocationsIn addition to the headquarters in Rohrbach (RLP), X2E has locations in Wildau (BB) and Karlsruhe (BW).

Like all companies of the X2E Group we are a 100% subsidiary of X2E Holding GmbH

Operationally active sister companies are X2E Aerospace Technologies GmbH and X2E System Engineering GmbH.

Policies &

We strictly adhere to various certification requirements to ensure that our products and processes meet the highest quality and environmental standards.

Our guiding values

Flexibility, innovative strength and a high degree of customer proximity and vertical integration characterize the companies of the X2E Group. Our business policy is geared to sustainable management, continuous growth and independence. We are a reliable and trustworthy partner for customers, sales and business partners as well as employees. At the same time, we are highly committed to sustainable environmental and social development.

Certified quality and sustainability

With ISO 9001 certification, we are committed to continuously optimizing our processes and procedures. In this way, we ensure that our products and services always meet the highest quality standards. We are actively committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our products and services and that our service is convincing.

In addition, our company is certified according to ISO 14001. This certification demonstrates our commitment to environmental protection: We work in a resource-conserving and sustainable manner to minimize our ecological footprint. For example, our electricity comes from renewable solar energy, which also powers our company vehicles.

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

X2E Group
Automotive, Aerospace & Energy

As part of the X2E Group, we combine the know-how of three trend-setting industries: Automotive, Aerospace, and Renewable Energies.

Engineering & Energy
X2E System Engineering GmbH

X2E System Engineering is a full-service provider for all aspects of energy optimization and photovoltaics. Our service portfolio includes photovoltaic and solar systems, electromobility, electricity storage and power-to-heat systems.

X2E Aerospace Technologies GmbH

X2E Aerospace Technologies GmbH develops and produces embedded systems for dedicated aerospace applications. These are used, for example, in the field of climate-neutral and efficient drive concepts, urban air mobility (UAM), and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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