X2E Group organizes aid transport for Ukraine

The war in Ukraine directly threatens the lives of millions of people. Hundreds of thousands have already been forced to leave their homes. In addition, there are countless internally displaced persons who have set out to seek shelter in other parts of the country. In view of the immense suffering of the civilian population, we decided to organize a transport of relief supplies. Together with the employees of the X2E Group, we have collected donations in kind and money for the Khmelnytskyi region in Ukraine over the past few days. These will now be driven to the Polish-Ukrainian border. A local aid organization will take over the further transport and distribution in the region. Urgently needed medicines and hygiene articles as well as sleeping bags, sleeping mats, backpacks and emergency power supplies will be handed over. The joint fundraising campaign raised over 10,000 euros. Many thanks to all who made this transport possible.


Dominic Sariyannis

Marketing Manager
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