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Kickoff for the X2E Flight Test Center

X2E Aerospace Technologies GmbH, a member of the X2E Group, is planning to establish its own flight test center within the greater Berlin area. Last week, a strategy agreement was signed for this purpose at the Strausberg Airport which is located nearby the capital. At the new company location we are going to work on the development and testing of innovative aviation technologies and create up to 30 high-tech job positions.

New Offices planned for Aeronautical Research

We are planning on the construction of the X2E flight test center in Strausberg by 2024. The construction plan encompasses an airplane hangar that will allow us to start test flights with our own aircraft, a newly equiped Partenavia P.68. Next to it, there is going to be an office building with development offices, meeting rooms and testing areas. Within these buildings, X2E Aerospace Technologies is going to conduct future aviation projects.

The focus of the center will be set on the development and testing of aerospace data loggers. A further business area of the X2E Aerospace Technologies in Strausberg will encompass climate-neutral and hybrid-electric propulsions. We are planning on the creation of around 30 new job positions with excellent future prospects, among others in the fields of aerospace engineering, electrical engineering and business administration.

Strategy Agreement at the Strausberg Airport

The Strausberg Airport is not only within the capital region of Germany and close to the X2E Aerospace Technologies headquarter in Wildau, it also meets our technological requirements. At the airport we may combine test flights and development offices in one place. During the last week, the airport took another attractive step by starting the instrument approach system.

As part of the celebrations for its opening, the airport’s managing director Irina Kühnel and Dr. Karlheinz Weiss from X2E Aerospace Technologies have just signed a joint strategy agreement. – “We are pleased about the valuable cooperation and the promising start for an X2E flight test center at the Strausberg Airport,” as Dr. Karlheinz Weiss said.


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