The XORAYA External Storage Unit is a removable storage device specially designed for XORAYA data loggers.

XORAYA ESU (External Storage Unit)

The XORAYA ESU (External Storage Unit) is an external storage device specially designed for XORAYA data loggers.


XORAYA External Storage Units allow saving large amounts of log data without the need to free space on the data logger between test drives. Any XORAYA data logger equipped with the external storage interface can be used to download the recorded data.
Power is supplied from the data logger or the XORAYA Datacube via the same cable used for data transmission. The unlock button ensures safe disconnection and LEDs display power, activity and lock status.


Technical Specifications

All technical data of the XORAYA ESU (External Storage Unit) at a glance:

Storage 1 TB SSD
Dimensions 32 x 107 x 132 mm
Download Rate 800 Mbit/s via 1GbE-Interface
Available Cable Lengths 0.5 m and 1 m
Delivery Content

The following accessories are included:

Product XORAYA External Storage Unit
Cable Connection cable

We recommend the following accessories:

XORAYA Accessories
Cable Set

Reading Station
XORAYA Datacube



Version: 1.1_EN


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