The Universal Power Bridge (UPoB) protects devices from sudden voltage drops.

Universal Power Bridge

The Universal Power Bridge protects devices such as a data logger against voltage fluctuations and power failures.


The UPoB is a universal power bridge that protects the connected system, such as a data logger, against voltage fluctuations and power failures. The device is able to override the fluctuations for their duration of time. In case of a complete power failure, a minimal voltage level is maintained until the connected system is shut down safely.

Four standard options of the UPoB are available that vary in the total capacitance of the built-in capacitors (12.5 F, 25 F, 50 F or 75 F) and therefore in the maximum bridging time. Other configurations are also possible.

The UPoB optionally sends a trigger signal via communication interface when a certain configurable threshold of the charging percentage is reached. The communication interface consists of RS232 interface, CAN interface, digital switching output and relay output. Status messages are sent via CAN bus to be analysed by a data logger. The user can also set the desired charge current.



Product Features of the Universal Power Bridge:

Available Options 12,5 F, 25 F, 50 F
or 75 F capacitance
Trigger Signal when charging threshold is reached
Configuration via DIP switches and rotary coding switches
Communication via RS232
Status via CAN
Digital Switching Output 5 V
Drive current bis 100 mA
Relay Output 5 V bis 48 V
with opener/closer (100 mA) and
external switching voltage
Miscellaneous Firmware-Update via USB
Technical Specifications

All technical specifications of the Universal Power Bridge at a glance:

Dimensions (H x W x D) 64,4 x 105 x 164 mm
Temperature Range -40 °C to +85 °C
Supply Voltage 7,5 V to 28 V
Output Current max. 3 A
Idle Current max. 200 mA
QuiescentCurrent max. 2 mA
DC Voltage Protection max. 40 V
Delivery Content

The following accessories are included:

Product UPoB (Universal Power Bridge)
Cable Power Cable
COM breakout cable
Miscellaneous Operation Manual


Version: 1.1_EN

User Manual

Version: 1.8_EN


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