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Data Transfer from the Automotive Data Logger

In Brief

After having tested a vehicle with the automotive data logger you may want to ship the logged data. A typical application situation for this might be the vehicle testing abroad with the subsequent data transfer to your company’s development location. With our Removable Storage Unit and our readout station we offer solutions that allow you to send the data sets.

Sending High Data Volumes from Data Loggers

Especially for software based technologies it is of high importance for the vehicle testing to take place in different regions. You may want to test developments in the area of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) around the world to verify algorithms considering different vehicle situations, traffic or signals. In doing so, you make use of a data logger. Subsequently, you may want to ship the data sets to be able to evaluate them at your development location. However, ADAS technologies in particular require high data amounts to be recorded by the data logger. They must then get back to your development location. The data transfer in the afterwards of automotive data logging confronts you with a challenge. In the following, we provide two solutions for you.

Solution 1: Sending out the Removable Storage Device

The Removable Storage Unit (RSU) is a storage device that can easily be removed and exchanged. You can then ship it, which is why it is perfectly suitable for the data transfer following the automotive data logging. Afterwards, the data readout is possible at the development location in your home country using the Xoraya Datacube N3, a fast readout station. You will receive all necessary devices at first hand, you can monitor the shipping on your own and the data set will arrive in high speed at your development location.

Solution 2: Shipping via the storage medium of a logistics service provider

Alternatively to exchanging the storage unit, you can ship the data via the storage medium of a logistics service provider. In doing so, you can send a mobile readout station, our Xoraya Datacube N1 with the vehicle abroad. Due to its compactness, the N1 ist perfectly suitable for mobile usage. It reads out data from the Removable Storage Unit and transfers the data on the storage medium of a logistics service provider. The service provider can then send the storage medium. Your company saves on exchanging the storage unit.

This is why our devices are perfectly suitable for a vehicle testing abroad with a following data transfer:

  • Our devices allow a temperature range from -40 to +65° Celsius
  • The PCIe storage unit Xoraya RSU allows a storage capacity of up to 64 TB
  • Data record with up to 16 Bbit/s; readout with up to 38 Gbit/s
  • Download rate of up to 10 Gbit/s with the mobile readout station Xoraya Datacube N1
  • Download rate of up to 35 Gbit/s via QSFP+ with the Xoraya Datacube N3




Robust, reliable, flexible and scalable – this is what marks our products in the area of automotive data logging solutions. Furthermore, our devices support all common automotive bus systems, among these 100/1000Base-T1, 10-Gigabit-Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, RS232 and many more.

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