Example for Application
Component Testing at the Test Bench

In Brief

At the test bench you will take a close look at single gateways and components, e.g. in the area of infotainment. Our compact miniloggers XORAYA ML-N4000 and XORAYA ML-Z7 are perfectly suitable for recording these component tests at the test bench. Additionally, they support numerous automotive bus systems such as CAN, RS232 and Ethernet.

Verifying the correctness of components at the test bench

Especially in the area of infotainment, many different gateways and devices such as audio amplifiers and phone modules are in use. As testing these devices and verifying of components takes place at the test bench, the accompanying record of these tests must adjust the test bench’s requirements. Consequently, to verify the communication of gateways via 100-Base-T1, you depend on a compact data logger that is compatible with various automotive bus systems.

Miniloggers as solution for your requirements at the test bench

Due to their compactness, the miniloggers XORAYA ML-N4000 and XORAYA ML-Z7 are perfectly suitable for your work environment at the test bench. They can be implied within the communication via 100-Baste-T1a and feature a common central time stamp. Engineers may decide if they want to log only a part of or the entire procedure at the test bench: on the basis of precise criteria they may choose between permantent and ring logging.

We recommend the joint use of the minilogger with a media converter (e.g. Automotive Ethernet Converter) for the signal transmission between the vehicle and your computer. You can then export the data record into different data formats such as DLT, PCap, Vector ASCII, Vector BLF and XorayaSuite. Additionally, using our SDK software you can also connect the data record to your own tool for evaluation.

Robust, reliable, flexible and scalable – this is what marks our products in the area of automotive data logging solutions. Furthermore, our devices support all common automotive bus systems, among these 100/1000Base-T1, 10-Gigabit-Ethernet, CAN, FlexRay, LIN, RS232 and many more.

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